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Transform your voice with Vocal Veda Workshop, an integrative voice work developed by voice coach, Asheida Arruda.
It’s vocal yoga and voice training all in one!

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Yoga on 7th
156 E 7th Ave, Vancouver



Who Benefits?

Anyone committed to changing how their work with their voice, whether in everyday life or towards their craft. We have total beginners, singers, actors, public speakers and yogis join us. Receive a clearer understanding of how to prepare the body and voice. Gain the confidence you you’ve been seeking through your voice!

Vocal Veda takes an integrative approach including, vocal yoga, voice warm-ups, breath work, toning, body posturing and exercises to gain fuller vocal expression.

Love From Clients

The vocal yoga was really cool. I was especially interested in all the work with the jaw and facial muscles. Learned a lot about better posture for the jaw. Would love my wife to partake.
Alberto L.
I felt super comfortable in this class and the information and exercises were great! Asheida is very knowledgable and clear. I already feel such a difference and more confident. Will definitely take the next session.
Jenn B.
I appreciated the experiential elements of this course; particularly the long toning and humming session at the end of the course.
It’s nice to have had the short review of the previous class lesson for repetition and momentum. Thank you!
Robin G.
The workshop was great Asheida. Hope there will be many more to come!
Irene D.
Enlightening for my body awareness to integrate with sound. A wonderful workshop.
Asheida has amazing energy! It’s a pleasure to see her instruct.
Julia B.

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